Lynx News · Weekly Football Update 7.15.19

Lynx Nation,

It’s hard to believe but we’re down to ONE FULL WEEK of summer football workouts! The team has been working hard this summer and we’re extremely pleased with the progress we’ve made in the weight room and on the field. More importantly, we have established a foundation for our culture through the Lynx Football Core Values of: Energy, Work, Prepare, & Family.
Before I head into the upcoming events I want to recognize a couple of special groups of individuals who have bought in and met our core value of “Work”. The first group I want to recognize is our group of athletes that have attended over 90% of our summer workouts! Many of these individuals have attended every single workout this summer!! Our second group that deserves recognition are our kids that are finding a way IN SEASON to keep getting stronger in the weight room. These individuals could have used the “It’s Game Day” excuse often this summer. Instead, they have continually shown what hard work, determination, and winning look like!  Pulling from the varsity quikstats baseball roster, check the list below of baseballer’s that stuck to our DMGB principal – “Don’t find an excuse, find a way!” There would have been even more if I had the freshman and JV Baseball Rosters. Keep setting the standard fellas!!
90% Summer Attendance
Quinn Anderson, Jake Daharsh, Jake Duncan, Austin Eledge, Seth Frush, Esteban Gonzalez, Chance Higgins, Victor Martinez, Cade Nelson, Ethan Russell, Carson Schaa, Trache Sorenson, Jaxon Boro, Lennx Brown, Damari Brown, Jared Dilts, Jordan Divita, Jeremiah Dogan, Ben Fichter, Nick Garner, Alex Nielsen, Chase Riche, Lucas Spanjer, Mac Volff, Caleb Blaney, Quinten Bradley, Tim McCarthy, Jace Kepler, Max Lippert, Seth O’Neal, Steven Smith, Miguel Olivares, Wade Brown, Wes Brown, Riddick Bryan, Thomas Stark, Owen Wilcoxen, Drew Wilson, Treyton Foutch, Caden McDowell, Jake Olson, Angel Rodriguez, Dawson Scheid
Varsity Baseball Finding a Way (90%+)
Ben Fichter, Nick Garner, Cade Nelson
7 on 7: We will have 7 on 7 today, July 14th from 6:45-8:45pm at Wickersham Stadium. This is for grades 10-12 only and no transportation will be provided. Wear shorts, a t-shirt, cleats, and helmet. We will not be wearing Jerseys this week because the school dryer is still out of order. This week is for skill players and centers only, guards and tackles do not need to attend. This is our last 7 on 7 for the summer. Come ready to compete!!
Gold Card Distribution: On Monday July 15th we will hand out our Fundraising Gold Cards. I understand that there is often little FUN in fundraising. With that said, you cannot have what you do not work for – which you will find in today’s lesson. If we want Pizza following the games, game day meals, Hudl Sideline, and even the possibility of new uniforms – we need to hold a successful fundraiser. The cards cost $20 a piece with an average sales goal of 15 per person. Why 15? Because with our numbers if we sell 15 a piece we are likely to sell over 1,000 cards – and when you sell over a 1,000 cards you automatically get a $1 bonus per card. Meaning, as soon as we hit 1,000 cards we automatically receive an additional $1,000 dollars. So what’s in it for you? Aside from the fact that the majority of proceeds go directly to our players in the form of food and football goodies players can earn individual incentives provided by Fundraising U (the company we work with). Our players can make a decent profit through selling, check the rewards below:
  • $.50 per card sold once you sell 10 cards. IE: Sell 10 Cards get $5.00, Sell 20 Cards get $10
  • $25 Gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods for every 25 Cards you sell.
  • 1 Free Gold Card for every 10 Cards you Sell. Sell 10 cards get 1 free card, sell 20 cards get 2 free Cards.
  • Top Team enters Survivor cash game with the chance to win $50.
Let’s say Caleb sells 25 gold cards. He will receive a $25 Dick’s Sporting goods card, $15 in cash (rounded up), and 2 free gold cards. He may also be entered into the survivor game for $50 if his team did well, or win the top seller prize. At minimum he would walk away with a value of $70.
This will be the only time we ask our players to sell anything and we are holding a deadline of July 30th. One final note, as the cards are valued at $20 a piece, do NOT lose them! Any missing cards are subject to a fine on your account. Please help us hold a successful fundraiser and provide our team with some of the material items that make Lynx Football special!
Strength & Conditioning: Weights continue this week on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday with Freshman at 6:45-8:15 and upperclassmen at 7:30-9.
Summer Practice: There are TWO practice this week! We will have our normal Wednesday practice on July 17th from 7-9:30 am and an additional makeup practice on Friday July 19th from 7-9:30am. Both of these will take place at Wickersham Stadium for grades 9-12. Attire is Shirt, Shorts, and cleats (no helmets).
Dead Week: Following this week we will enter dead week! This is time for our players to get away from football, have fun, rest, and recover! We need them fresh mentally and physically when they come back! Beginning on Saturday, July 20th we will not ask our players to participate in any football related workouts until Monday, July 29th. The only favor aside from the suggestions above, would be to spend a few minutes during dead week to sell our Fundraising Gold Cards. Enjoy the week off, and come back hungry to compete!!
Lynx Camp Form Deadline: Lynx Football Camp Forms are due July 30th. The cost is $45 for those entering HS and $35 for grades 3-8. High School Campers will receive two shirts and two pairs of shorts to be worn as travel attire for home and away football games. Youth Campers will receive a T-Shirt. Walk-up registrations are welcome however high school walk-ups are not guaranteed apparel and youth walk-ups will need to pick up their apparel at a date to be set following camp.
CORE: This week you will find additional information below on why Work is one of our core values. As always, you can check out the entire CORE by clicking here. The behaviors that we are looking for are listed under each core value. The path to success is a choice that must be made every day, we are defining those choices.
Weekly Lesson: “They Just Wanted it More” & “Want Ethic vs a Work Ethic”

Have you ever heard the phrase, “They just wanted it more?” This common saying is often heard at the conclusion of a game or play. Perhaps a receiver went up and made a big catch. A group of offensive lineman dominated the defense on a given night. Or maybe an individual knocked an interview out of the park while another seemingly great candidate didn’t meet their potential.

Why does this happen? Does one person really “want” it more. Did the receiver just want to catch the ball more than the defensive back. Did the offensive line decide tonight was the night they were going to play hard. Or did the individual entering the interview decide, “This is it! I have to have this job!”

Not likely. What’s happening here is often the difference between a “Want Ethic” and a “Work Ethic”. Every receiver wants to catch the ball. Every offensive line wants to dominate the man across from him. And no one interviews in hopes of rejection.

Tim Kight describes Want vs Work In-depth:

To get the outcomes you want in life, you must be willing to do the work required. Achievement is the result of consistent, discipline-driven action in pursuit of your goals. The outcome you get is determined by the action you take. You don’t get the outcomes you want; you get the outcomes you work for.

Want to learn a new language? You’ve gotta do the work.
Want to lose weight and get in shape? You’ve gotta do the work.
Want to improve the culture in your organization? You’ve gotta do the work.
Want to improve a relationship in your life? You’ve gotta do the work.

…Life will test how committed you are to the outcomes you want. Here’s the test: Identify an outcome you want, clarify the work required to achieve the outcome, and then ask, “Am I willing to do the work? Am I willing to persevere through the obstacles and difficulties and discomfort until I achieve the outcome? Am I willing to do that?” If the answer is no, then drop that outcome and find one you are willing to pursue with discipline. If the answer is yes, then go for it.

…Be careful of wanting more than you are willing to work for. Everyone wants; not everyone works.

The point is, the receiver that caught the ball didn’t just want it more. A combination of talent and Work prepared him to make the catch. The same can be said for the offensive line and the individual interviewing. In our world of Lynx Football, this means that games are won well before Fall and Friday nights. They are won in the winter, spring and summer leading up. This is why we are so excited about the dedication we’ve had from a large number of individuals this summer. Keep working Lynx and we’ll start to earn what we want!

Long-Term Dates to Know (Calendar Link): 
July 14 – 7 on 7 for Grades 10-12 at Wickersham Stadium beginning at 6:45-8:45pm, Skills and Centers.
July 15 – Summer Lifting Continues on Monday/Tuesday/Thursday
July 15 – Gold Card Fundraising Distribution
July 17 – Practice at Wickersham Stadium from 7-9:30am
July 19 – Practice at Wickersham Stadium from 7-9:30am
July 20 – Dead Week: NO Football
July 29 – Summer Lifting Continues on Monday & Tuesday (No Thursday due to Simpson Camp)
July 30 – Lynx Camp Forms Due & Gold Card Blitz 5-8pm
July 30 – Simpson Camp Equipment Checkout 8pm-10pm
July 31/Aug1 – Simpson Camp- Bus Departs at 8:15am
Aug. 5-8 – High School Lynx Football Camp
Aug. 12 – Official Practice Begins – Must have Physical/White Card In
Aug. 16 – Media Day
Aug. 22 – Blue vs White Gatorade Scrimmage
Aug. 30 – Game Day vs. Sioux City North

John Wolfe

Head Football/Track Coach
Abraham Lincoln High School
Office: 712-328-6481 Ext 12244 – Cell: 712-355-0397
Twitter: @ALHS_CoachWolfe