Lynx News · Weekly Football Update 7.29.19

Lynx Nation,

I hope that you enjoyed your week off and are ready to get back to work! There are a number of reminders for the upcoming week as well as some big time announcements. Read on to learn all the exciting news surrounding Lynx Football!
Weight Lifting: We are back in the weight room on Monday the 29th with sessions at 6:45 and 7:30am. Following the 7:30am weights session our 10-12th graders will have a brief practice until 10:15 am at our practice field on Monday and Tuesday. Also, there will be no weights sessions on Wednesday or Thursday with our upperclassmen heading to the Simpson Football Camp.
Fundraising Card Sales: Our 2nd checkpoint for Fundraising cards is tomorrow July 29th. You can find all the team rewards and individual incentives below. Checkout the Checkpoint #2 incentives for your Monday goal. The big two are Sell 15 to pick your Simpson roomies, or sell at least 5 to cut your conditioning test in half! We will also be holding our Blitz night on Tuesday evening. This is a time where we gather our entire team at the school beginning at 5pm. The players go out on the town together for one final sales push. There are incentives for the highest sellers during the blitz and the entire team is fed pizza when they return to the school around 7pm.
Team Rewards:
  • Sell 500 as a Team – Hold a Team Cookout
  • Sell 600 as a Team – Team Pool Party
  • Sell 750 as a team – Purchase New Home Tops
  • Sell 1,000 as a team – Cancel A Practice for the Team Pool Party
Individual Incentives:
  • $.50 per card sold once you sell 10 cards. IE: Sell 10 Cards get $5.00, Sell 20 Cards get $10
  • $25 Gift card to Dick’s Sporting Goods for every 25 Cards you sell.
  • 1 Free Fundraising Card for every 10 Cards you Sell. Sell 10 cards get 1 free card, sell 20 cards get 2 free Cards.
  • Top Team enters Survivor cash game with the chance to win $50.
Checkpoint #2 Incentives (Monday, July 29)
  • Those attending Simpson Camp will get to choose room and roommates in order of highest total sales. Must sell a minimum of 15 to qualify.
  • Anyone selling 15 or more cards will get out of conditioning testing Monday, July 29th AND Tuesday, July 30th.
  • Anyone Selling 5 or more cards prior to conditioning on Monday (29th) or Tuesday (30th) will have their conditioning test cut in half. 0 Sales is unacceptable.
Simpson Football Camp: Check out our schedule by clicking HERE. We attempt to make this as much like a college camp as possible. Your child is guaranteed to come home physically and mentally exhausted. We will also come home a better football team! We will check out equipment for Simpson on Tuesday evening following our Fundraising “Blitz Night”. The bus departs at 8:15am on Wednesday morning. Bring all necessary football equipment along with a pillow, any sheets you want for your bed, shower accessories (towel, soap), snacks, and spending money if you choose to buy additional food. You will be provided breakfast, and dinner on day 1, Breakfast and Lunch on day 2. You will also be provided a room with a mattress but they do not supply linens or pillows.
Lynx Camp Form Deadline: Lynx Football Camp Forms are due July 30th. The cost is $45 for those entering HS and $35 for grades 3-8. High School Campers will receive two shirts and two pairs of shorts to be worn as travel attire for home and away football games. Youth Campers will receive a T-Shirt. Walk-up registrations are welcome however high school walk-ups are not guaranteed apparel and youth walk-ups will need to pick up their apparel at a date to be set following camp. You may bring camp forms and fees to the main office at AL or wait until we are back in session and I will collect them at weight lifting.
New Coaches on Staff: We are extremely excited to announce that we will be adding two new coaches to the Abraham Lincoln Football Staff this fall!
Coach Joe Hunter – Coach Hunter is a 2005 Abraham Lincoln Graduate. Coach Hunter was a stand out running back and linebacker in high school, helping the Lynx make it to the final 16 during the 2004 State Tournament. Following graduation Coach Hunter played football for the Bearcats of Northwest Missouri State. He later finished his collegiate career at Morningside College racking up over 1300 yards and being regarded as one of the best special teams threats in the conference. Coach will take on the role of Runningbacks coach this fall and is likely to maintain a role within our freshman program as well. We love welcoming former Lynx back to the program and are incredibly excited to have Coach Hunter joining us this season!
Coach Loren Lintner – While Coach Lintner is not new to our program we are thrilled to have him back. Coach Lintner previously coached the Lynx during 2014-2017. Coach has made stops at a number of schools and brings with him a wealth of knowledge. For those of you that are Husker fans (and you should be if you aren’t) Coach Lintner was fortunate enough to coach Matt Davison of the Nebraska Cornhuskers during his time at Tecumseh, Nebraska. Prior to his time with the Lynx, Coach Lintner was the Head Football Coach at Underwood High School. While he brings with him a WEALTH of knowledge, this is not the main reason for our excitement. Coach Lintner has an incredible passion for the game of football and an even stronger passion for helping our young men grow as people. He has an uncanny ability to push our kids to their potential while maintaining a high level of mutual respect. This Fall, Coach Lintner will join us on the field AND in the classroom as a PE teacher at Abraham Lincoln High School.
Please join us in welcoming Coach Hunter and Coach Lintner to the 2019 Abraham Lincoln Football Staff.
Practice Format Change: We are drastically changing our practice format beginning during Lynx Camp! We currently have camp scheduled from 4:00-6:30 PM. In the past we have attempted to stay on schedule with the occasional overage of time. Meaning, practice started at 4 and ended at 6:30pm. When we start implementing our new practice format we will still have a specific start time, however the end time will be fluid. I understand this may be difficult for parents of students who cannot yet drive but please keep reading to understand the change!
We are doing everything we can to ensure that we prepare our athletes in the best way possible for their competitions. Our practices this year will be conducted in a way that we believe will best simulate a game. Practices will be made up of roughly 15-20, 5 minute periods. If you’re doing the math at home, that means the longest practice would be is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Here’s the catch! We’re looking for that much WORK to be completed. Any time taken to transition between drills or stations will not take away from our work time. By holding practice this way we will be encouraging our players to move quickly from station to station and ensure that we complete the work needed. As a player, the quicker you get organized and move from station to station or drill to drill – the sooner practice is over. During practice we will also be throwing a variety of game like situations at our players to ensure that they are ready for whatever they may encounter during a game. For instance in the middle of offense I may blow the whistle and yell, “Field Goal” followed by a scenario. IE: “Field Goal! Ball is on the 20 with 30 seconds, the clock is running and we’re down 3. Get lined up and kick it!” Following the kick, the players would immediately go back to offense. I have included our most recent practice plan for viewing: HERE.
The big picture is this: This practice format will better simulate game play, the length of our practice is determined by the efficiency of our players and coaches. The quicker the players move, the faster practice is done. It is likely to be a learning curve at the beginning. A two hour practice may take three hours early in the season and we may reduce down to under two hours as the season progresses and our players and coaches move quickly through an effective and efficient practice. Thank you for understanding this change, our aim is to find the most efficient way to produce success on and off the field! Beginning on July 5th (Lynx Camp) practice will begin at 4pm with an end time to be determined by our players and coaches hustle and efficiency.
Pre-Season Scrimmage: There are many details to come on this one but tentatively we have scheduled a pre-season scrimmage with Glenwood on Friday, August 23rd. There is likely to be a freshman scrimmage at 5pm followed by a varsity scrimmage at 7pm. More details to come but mark your calendars and purchase your Gatorade for admission please!
Long-Term Dates to Know (Calendar Link): 
July 29 – Summer Lifting Continues on Monday & Tuesday (No Thursday due to Simpson Camp)
July 29 – Practice at AL from 8:45-10:15 (following weights) for grades 10-12.
July 29 – Fundraising Card Checkpoint #2
July 30 – Practice at AL from 8:45-10:15 (following weights) for grades 10-12.
July 30 – Lynx Camp Forms Due & Fundraising Card Blitz 5-8pm
July 30 – Simpson Camp Equipment Checkout 8pm-10pm
July 31/Aug1 – Simpson Camp- Bus Departs at 8:15am
Aug. 5-8 – High School Lynx Football Camp
Aug. 12 – Official Practice Begins – Must have Physical/White Card In
Aug. 16 – Media Day
Aug. 22 – Blue vs White Gatorade Scrimmage
Aug. 30 – Game Day vs. Sioux City North
John Wolfe

Head Football/Track Coach
Abraham Lincoln High School
Office: 712-328-6481 Ext 12244 – Cell: 712-355-0397
Twitter: @ALHS_CoachWolfe