Lynx News · Weekly Football Update 8.5.19

Lynx Nation,

Football Season is upon us! We are 26 days until kick off at Gale Wickersham Stadium vs Sioux City North!
Weight Lifting: We will only have two lifting sessions this week. One on Monday at 7:30am and one on Tuesday at 7:30 am. These sessions will run roughly an hour and will be for grades 9-12. This means that freshman will be lifting with the upperclassmen this week. Lets pack the house and get after it!
Fundraising Card Sales: Great job on the fundraising card sales. As a team we sold over 600 cards so we will be working on setting up a team pool party. Thank you for your support and players thank you for all your hard work! Because of that hard work we brought in over $7,800!
Lynx Camp Form Deadline: Lynx football camp begins tomorrow, Monday, August 5th! We will be at the stadium beginning promptly at 4pm. For those who registered by the July 30th deadline, Thank You! For those who did not, it’s not too late! You can still register for $65 (late registration fee for High School Campers). Check out our camp forms here:Lynx Football Camp Forms.
Youth campers are still welcome to register any time leading up to the beginning of the Lynx Youth Camp on August 8th.
Practice Format Change: We are still planning on changing our practice format! We have made the decision to stay on a strict 4-6:30pm schedule this week. However when official practice begins on August 12th we will have a specific start time but not a specific end time. I understand this may be difficult for parents of students who cannot yet drive but please keep reading to understand the change! (If you read the reasoning below last week, go ahead and scroll down!)
We are doing everything we can to ensure that we prepare our athletes in the best way possible for their competitions. Our practices this year will be conducted in a way that we believe will best simulate a game. Practices will be made up of roughly 15-20, 5 minute periods. If you’re doing the math at home, that means the longest practice would be is 1 hour and 40 minutes. Here’s the catch! We’re looking for that much WORK to be completed. Any time taken to transition between drills or stations will not take away from our work time. By holding practice this way we will be encouraging our players to move quickly from station to station and ensure that we complete the work needed. As a player, the quicker you get organized and move from station to station or drill to drill – the sooner practice is over. During practice we will also be throwing a variety of game like situations at our players to ensure that they are ready for whatever they may encounter during a game. For instance in the middle of offense I may blow the whistle and yell, “Field Goal” followed by a scenario. IE: “Field Goal! Ball is on the 20 with 30 seconds, the clock is running and we’re down 3. Get lined up and kick it!” Following the kick, the players would immediately go back to offense. I have included our most recent practice plan for viewing: HERE.
The big picture is this: This practice format will better simulate game play, the length of our practice is determined by the efficiency of our players and coaches. The quicker the players move, the faster practice is done. It is likely to be a learning curve at the beginning. A two hour practice may take three hours early in the season and we may reduce down to under two hours as the season progresses and our players and coaches move quickly through an effective and efficient practice. Thank you for understanding this change, our aim is to find the most efficient way to produce success on and off the field! Beginning on August 12th practice will begin at 4:30pm with an end time to be determined by our players and coaches hustle and efficiency.
Sports Physicals: You have one week to complete your sports physical! Physical forms and all other required forms can be obtained and submitted in the main office at Abraham Lincoln High School. These must be completed prior to practice on August 12th. NO ONE WILL BE ALLOWED TO PRACTICE WITHOUT THE COMPLETION OF THESE FORMS. If you have yet to schedule your physical – check out Methodist Physicians Clinic at 1001 Risen Son Blvd in Council Bluffs. They will be providing physicals on August 10th from 8-11am for $20 (Walk-In Only).
Long-Term Dates to Know (Calendar Link): 
Aug 5 – Summer Lifting at 7:30am Grades 9-12
Aug 5-8 – Lynx HS Football Camp 4-6:30pm @ Gale Wickersham Stadium
Aug 6 – Summer Lifting at 7:30 am Grades 9-12
Aug. 12 – Official Practice Begins – Must have Physical/White Card In
Aug. 16 – Media Day
Aug. 23 – Vs Glenwood Gatorade Scrimmage
Aug. 30 – Game Day vs. Sioux City North
John Wolfe

Head Football/Track Coach
Abraham Lincoln High School
Office: 712-328-6481 Ext 12244 – Cell: 712-355-0397
Twitter: @ALHS_CoachWolfe