Varsity Orchestra · Support the Lynx Orchestra! Take a Stand T-Shirt and Donation Fundraiser

Hello Lynx Orchestra!

We’re almost halfway to our goal of selling 100 items! Head to the link below to access our online store. Also, share this email with anyone you think would be interested in purchasing a t-shirt or sweatshirt or simply making a donation to our program. 100% of all donations go straight to our program, and purchasing a shirt isn’t required to make a donation. Help share it on social media and more to get the word out!

Lynx Orchestra T-Shirt Fundraiser – Take A Stand!

If we can make it to 100 items sold, this campaign will have a significant impact on our ability to serve the community! Here are a couple concrete examples:

  • Growing our string orchestra music library. Staying engaged in music often means performing music that’s relevant and fun! Sometimes it’s the music of J.S. Bach, sometimes a show tune, and sometimes it’s popular music. Music is for everyone, and it’s important our library reflects that.
  • More options for students in the LSO Recital. We can grow our library to support more choices for students as they play as individuals and small groups based on American String Teacher Association recommendations and more.
  • Side by side experiences with the Omaha Symphony. The high school orchestra has benefited greatly from the Music Mentors experience with the Omaha Symphony. Since 2017, we’ve grown by almost double – this means our registrations are now more expensive and funds raised would keep this experience accessible for our program.
  • Additional MS Learning Tools. Making learning fun in orchestra in middle school means having more ways to develop the fundamental skills needed for high school. We’ve done great with the tools we have, but having more options can allow these students to have more fun and make faster growth.

All shirts will be delivered to your preferred address around October 8th. As always, feel free to send any questions my way. Thank you!